Saturday, July 31, 2010

Syarikat Keselamatan Baru Esok

Syarikat baru keselamatan baru akan mengambil alih tugas daripada DNS Sekuriti Sdn Bhd pada pagi esok, 8 pagi. Syarikat baru tersebut ialah FreightWatch G Patomotoh Security Services Sdn Bhd (FWG). Proses pemilihan dan pengundian telah diadakan pada 28 Julai 2010. (Lihat

Alasan paling penting penukaran ini adalah pegawai keselamatan yang lewa dalam menjalankan tugas di taman kita. Kereta yang tiada pelekat RA masih diberikan laluan tanpa sebarang tindakan oleh pegawai keselamatan.

Disebabkan penukaran ini, dijangkakan bahawa kereta yang masih tiada pelekat rasmi akan mengalami kesulitan memasuki taman kita. Oleh itu mereka yang masih belum membuat pembayaran yuran keselamatan, sila berbuat demikian secepat mungkin.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meeting last night - important decisions made

The meeting last night was a very fruitful one. A few very crucial decisions were made. Here are some of the highlights from the meeting:

1. Representatives from 3 security firms showed up to give their presentations. They were:
a. FreightWatch G Patomotoh Security Services Sdn Bhd
b. Metro Security Services Sdn Bhd
c. Cheras Corperation Sdn Bhd

Their merits were evaluated based on their track record, their Standard Operating Procedure (if any), security feature and of course, price. A vote was cast and tabulated. We will get the new security firm in as soon as August.

Therefore, if you have not paid up your security fees, please be reminded to make that payment as soon as possible to avoid any complication when entering the taman.

2. We have also decided to go ahead with the demolition of the existing guard house and build a more permanent guard house. Again we have proposals from 3 construction firms with their various quotes and features:
a. AGM Renovation Enterprise
b. Dasar Warta Sdn Bhd
c. Iqbal Holding Sdn Bhd
A vote was cast, and we have decided to go ahead with this project. The money for this construction will come from our own sinking fund.

3. Road humps to be built at the busy junctions at the entrance to deter drivers from going too fast. There was no official quotations that we have received, however we shall go ahead to take the most cost effective solution.

For more details, please refer to the meeting minutes from your nearest AJK.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Meeting tonight - Security Selection

Sorry for last minute update. There will be a meeting tonight to discuss about the selection of the new security firm for our taman. Everyone, including members of the taman, are encouraged to participate in the selection. For more info, please call me at 012-xxxxxxxx

Edit : Meeting is over, a few important decisions were made