Monday, November 23, 2009

Bilik Gerakan needed

Another recent development is that the resident association is in need of a proper place to conduct our meetings. As of now, we are still depending on kind considerations from the members of the RA for a place to gather and have meetings. This is very unfair to them as the meetings are organized quite often. Therefore we have decided to build a Bilik Gerakan for the RA. The residents can also use it to organize all their activities in the taman. This has been in the pipeline since the establishment of the earlier jawatankuasa penaja, but had to be put on hold.

Recently though, our chairman Mr Zolkefli has got to know of an unused container that used to be the utilized by UMNO during the last general election. It is now lying useless in MPSJ's compound, and we can use it for free! We only need to pay for the transportation fee. This sounds like a good idea. However we need to come up with a proper location for this huge container.

The size is 20 feet x 8 feet. It is not huge, but it is complete with all the power points and air-cond point. We have thought of a possible place for this, but we need your input. Here are the possible locations:

Locations C, D, E and F might not be possible because of the vicinity to the border of the taman. Location B is right at where there is a lot of cement barrels at the playground.

So which one do you think is the best location for the container? Cast your votes to let us know!