Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guard Post Blackout

Notice the blackout at the guard post? The electricity was cut, but not because we did not pay. The electricity box actually still belongs to Tujuan Ehsan. It's been 8 years and Tujuan Ehsan suddenly decided that they should relieve whatever responsibility that they have to each taman, including ours. They should have informed us before they terminate the electricity, but they did not know whom to contact. So it's not entirely their fault for doing so. So since Monday 15th July 2013, the electricity at the guard post has been cut off. We will have to reapply using the Persatuan's name.

Bangkai Motosikal

If you notice, there was a bangkai of a relatively new bike inside our taman. And we managed to capture the suspects pushing the bike inside. You may wonder why did the guard let them in? Well, simply because one of the suspects stays inside our taman! Can you recognise him?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Meeting with FWG

Yesterday had meeting with the security boss Mr Bong. Hope there will be changes

Monday, July 1, 2013

AJK Meeting 27 June

AJK meeting was held on 27th June. Some of the hot topics discussed: the performance of the new guard. We will give them an additional month to train them, after which we will issue a warning letter if we do not see improvements. We may even introduce fine system, for example if we see they always open the gate, we may fine them. Any other suggestions to help improve their service?