Sunday, April 28, 2013

New pagar in our taman

Did you guys notice the new pagar being built near the Jalan BPP 4/1? Those who stays near there would know that the pagar has been missing since mid of last year, vandalized by outsiders who want to break in. There has been a lot of cases where these intruders climbed up the steep hill into our compound. We have noticed this but have only been able to fix the pagar today :

Clearing the bushes
Clearing the bushes

The materials were bought from Home City hardware store, where we got a great deal

We got water from Sgt Mokhtar who stayed in No 31, Jalan BPP 4/1. Thank you Sgt for your kind gesture!

Part of this meticulously planted garden will have to be removed to make way for the pagar

The Auntie who planted the small garden was notified before we started work. She understood the reason for us to build the fence, but we did promise that we will minimize the damage done to her garden. Thank you Auntie!

The view from the top of the hill. Notice the exposed area on the bottom left where intruders can easily climb in
Today the batang besi has been planted into the ground with concrete
The partial completed pagar
Hopefully the pagar will be completed by tomorrow!