Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mesyuarat Agung Kedua

Harap dimaklum bahawa mesyuarat agung Persatuan Penduduk akan diadakan pada 11 April 2010 di taman permainan kanak-kanak pada 9:30 pagi. Diharap para penduduk dapat hadir untuk memberikan pendapat dan juga mengemukakan sebarang cadangan atau aduan.

New roads in our taman

Anybody been noticing new road names in our taman lately?

Yes, they are 4/9 and 4/10. These are all existing roads in our taman. The RA is not the one responsible for the names. We guess these are from MPSJ itself.

So anyone want to volunteer to be wakil jalan for these two roads? :P

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It has come to our knowledge that there has been a lot of people playing football in our playground area. We would like to remind everyone again that the area is a strictly NOT for playing football. If you notice the round concrete blocks scattered around the area, it is used to prevent people from playing football in the area.

There is a valid reason not to play football there. The most important reason is the proximity of the field to the houses and cars nearby. There has been reports of damage to the cars and property around the field. Also you will also note the damage done to the fencing and the trees nearby.

Note the damage to the fencing.

The footballs approaching the fencing at high speed!

Also you will also note that the area is reserved for playing badminton. If you are playing football there, you are effectively depriving the chance for other people who wants to play badminton there.

Appreciate all your cooperation not to play football at the area. If you still want to play football, please do so outside of the taman. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Appreciate more feedback

It has now almost been half-a-year since we have engaged the new security DNS for our taman. We have received quite a lot of feedbacks, both positive and negative. How have they performed compared to the previous security company?

Let's be fair, if we were to compare to Duta (the previous company), they did not do all that bad. If we were to talk about they letting both registered and unregistered vehicles into our taman, Duta is also guilty of the same thing. In fact DNS may have the upper hand in a sense that they had better managed the flow of traffic at the gate (my personal opinion anyway). Also DNS provided their service at a much cheaper rate compared to Duta, relieving some of the financial burden to the residents. (If you need to know the details of the cost, please contact any one of the AJK.)

We will be having a dialogue with DNS Security soon. Venue, time and date to be determined. If you have any doubts or questions, we would really welcome your participation. Or if you choose to remain anonymous, you may write your questions here so that we can post your questions to them.

So what do think after 6 months of their service? Do let us know.