Monday, October 24, 2011

DeepaRaya 2011

We had our DeepaRaya on 23rd October 2011. We were pleasantly overwhelmed because all the previous celebrations were rarely full. This time we had a very good turnout!

We had a few things different this time. For one thing, we had goody-bags, courtesy of the various communities in our taman. We also had lucky draws. We invited representatives from neighbouring communities like the Surau and the Pangsaputri Putra along to further strengthen our ties in the neighbourhood.

Here are some pictures at the event:
The members preparing the goody-bags for all

The lucky draw prizes

There were just too many people, some had to sit at the back

We had to get the extra tent from En Zolkefli's house

Bergotong-royong getting the tent set up

Some of the attendees

Members of Pangsapuri Putra and Surau were here

Enjoying food

YAY! Nombor saya kena!

The tent

The members preparing numbers on papers for the lucky draw

Peek inside the goody-bag

The attendees waiting for the event to start

WE WON!! Some of the lucky draw members

Food before they were all gobbled up

MC for the day, En Zolkefli

Pengerusi Persatuan BPP Jalan 4, En Shamsul Haq

Eating time

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simpang Equine - MEX akan dibina?

Benarkah bahawa simpang ke Taman Equine dari MEX akan dibina? Menurut laporan Economic Council yang diluluskan oleh Perdana Menteri Malaysia YAB Datuk Seri Najib, pembinaan simpang ke Taman Equine akan dibina dalam masa secepat mungkin. Proses pereka bentuk terperinci akan disiapkan oleh pihak Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia LLM pada hujung tahun ini.

Laporan penuh ini didapatkan daripada laman Putra Permai.

Mari kita sama-sama berdoa bahawa simpang ini betul-betul akan dibina, dan bukan semata-mata harapan kosong. Maklumlah, musim pilihanraya kemungkinan besar akan datang ......

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jam in the front gate!

Picture this, you just came back from work, you're tired, hungry and cranky. All you need right now is to quickly reach home, have a bath and dinner with your family. The traffic jam has been horrendous, so upon reaching our front gate, the last thing you want to see is MORE traffic jam!

Contrary to what you may think, this is EXACTLY what the RA wants to happen! We actually had a picture of a busy and backlogged traffic at the guard post 5 years ago when we started the RA. Unfortunately we have yet to achieve this dream, until recently. We have had good commends for their service, but unfortunately this is not what you residents thinks.

During the Raya month last few weeks, we have seen a lot of Open Houses in our taman. There was a lot of dissatisfaction over how the guards handle the visitors. You have to understand, any vehicles that do not have the official RA sticker will be denied entry unless they register themselves properly at the guard house. Please do not make their lives miserable, they are only doing their job, a job that we instructed. If you have any disagreement at all with this rule, by all means, please raise this up with the RA during the AGM, or you can also attend our RA meetings that are held from time to time.

There was also a case where a mechanic was called from outside to fix a vehicle. The mechanic drove the vehicle without the owner. Our vigilant guards saw that the driver is different, and naturally he stopped the vehicle from exiting. Naturally an argument broke out. Only after the actual owner clarified with the guard, then only the mechanic is allowed to pass through. This is just one of the many commendable efforts by the FWG service to maintain order in our taman.