Saturday, June 26, 2010

Coming meeting

There will be an important meeting this coming Tuesday, 29 June. Tentatively the place will be at No 1, Jalan BPP 4/4, 9 pm. The meeting will be the selection process of the proposed new security company, therefore your participation is highly appreciated. Any members of the community is welcomed.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More jams in store for motorists in Serdang

Found this article on StarProperty about the development in and around our taman:

Anyway I copy the content here, in case the link goes bad in the future:


ONGOING development along Jalan Putra Permai and the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP) is expected to worsen the traffic condition at the Serdang interchange, which is already congested during peak hours.

According to traffic studies, traffic from the development projects is estimated to be 15,000 pcu/hr (vehicles per hour).

The residential and commercial units are expected to generate 8,000 and 7,000 vehicles per hour, respectively.

Pang Kon Shing, who lives in Kota Perdana, said heavy road usage and upcoming developments were the contributing factors for traffic jams at the interchange.

“Nowadays, the congestions begins even before 7am.

“I saw a sign near the Taman Equine Jusco stating that a hypermarket would be built there. I also heard that another hypermarket is expected to build a branch here as well. These will definitely cause more congestion.

“I hope that the roads can be widened to accommodate more traffic,” the 52-year-old machine operator said.

Pinggiran Putra resident David Santana, who frequently uses the interchange when travelling to Putrajaya, Puchong and Kajang, said overdevelopment was among the causes for the traffic congestion.

“There’s too much development going on in the area and the roads are too narrow.

“During peak hours, the interchange will be choked up and the queue can stretch for up to 1km,

“Impatient motorists who try to cut the queue only add to the mess,” the 41-year-old businessman said.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summary of latest RA meeting 10 June 2010

Here is a summary of what was discussed during the last RA meeting :

1. Biggest problem is still the guards at the guard house who still let in cars without valid stickers. There are a lot of foreigners too who work as our guards, which means communication problems with the residents.

2. Decided that we must change the security firm as soon as possible. Target 1st August to start new security company. Will be getting quotations from Duta (previous company) and also other companies if any. Ant interested security firms are encouraged to submit their quotations to the RA.

3. Security concerns. There was an attempted break-in in Jalan BPP 4/2 last month. Thanks to the security guards, they were unsuccessful. Nobody was hurt, but they did manage break the motorcycle lights of the guards. There is actually a "rumah kongsi" located on top of the hills on the west of our taman. Will write to the immigration department to help eradicate these illegal immigrants.

4. Are you aware of the garbage truck making their rounds in our taman at about 3-4 in the morning? They are a nuisance. If you see them, please get their contact number so that we can take further action.

5. Project to make speed bumps at the end of the road of Jalan BPP 4/1 and 4/2 heading towards the main entrance. Again, if you know of any contractors, please contact the RA.

6. A resident highlighted the case of illegal contractors who claim they represent MPSJ to check gas tank. Thank you KLlee22 for highlighting this. There are also reported case of a pork seller making their rounds in the taman. We will need to come up with a guideline of who can come into our taman, and who cannot.